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The concept of transformative law

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The concept of transformative law is one that seeks to bring about significant and positive change within the legal system. It is a legal approach…

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Law School Professors and Law Firms – Job

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This article explores the practice of law by law school professors outside of their academic positions and examines the ethical considerations that arise from this…

Globalization and adjudication

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Globalization from a European perspective started with Portugal’s travel and trade links with India, Indonesia, China, Japan and Latin America. In order to have these…

Advancing Justice: The Power of Pro Bono Partnerships in Large Law Firms

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Law firm pro bono work provides access to justice to low-income people and other vulnerable populations. The status of lawyers who are also managers of probono programs influences both their identities and the management and provision of legal services and advocacy. This article attempts to reconcile the literature on intra-professional status, gender inequality in the legal profession, and intra-organizational status.A study showed some relationship between hiring a lawyer to manage a pro bono program and increasing American Lawyer rankings. Scott…

From Courtroom to Livestream: Exploring the Key Influencers Driving Lawyers’ Adoption of Live Broadcast Platforms

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The factors that are instrumental in determining the extent of a lawyer’s adoption of live broadcast platforms are complex and multifaceted. These factors are influenced by a variety of variables, including the lawyer’s level of comfort with technology, their familiarity with the particular platform, and their willingness to embrace the risks and benefits that are associated with live broadcasting. The adoption of live broadcasting platforms by lawyers is a dynamic process that is shaped by a range of factors that…

An expert system conceptual model for improving lawyer performance

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The manual process of lawyers in studying and deciding cases takes a lot of time and results with low quality so that it requires the support of information technology. The purpose of this study is to help lawyers improve their performance by using information technology methods. The presence of artificial intelligence machines in the legal field represents both a threat and an opportunity for innovators.A management information system (MIS primary )’s goal is to collect data from a wide variety…