For lawyers

You can describe a lot about yourself, your legal services and your law firm by having a listing in this Portal.

  • Be visible and make yourself discoverable. Creating a professional business card, presenting in detail the experience and achievements of a particular lawyer and/or law firm is an important element in building your brand image. The created business card, in addition to the standard contact information, achievements and experience, can also include information regarding weekly availability, allowing you to manage virtual consultation calendar in the future.
  • Nowadays, the Internet is the main place where customers look for information and services that interest them. Nowadays, almost all human activities can be done via a computer or smartphone. This environment cannot be ignored if we want to reach potential customers with information about our business. An online presence is no longer a choice, but a requirement.
  • The activity on the website attracts attention, while also building the image of an expert who gains the trust of clients. The most active Lawyers are further promoted on the website and on our external, affiliated pages.
  • All forms of promotion of legal activities available on the site comply with the rules of professional ethics. The removal of the geographic restriction allows Lawyers to reach people not only in their region, but also around the world with their services and knowledge through the site.
  • The portal focuses on the best! As a service, we aim to promote our most active users. In order to do so, we maintain a ranking of experts based on their actions on our website. Do you want us to promote you? It’s all in your hands. Your dedication and reliability will help you reach a wider audience of potential clients. A higher position in our ranking means more views of your profile by users of the website and through browsers. We also promote our top lawyers on external websites through dynamic widgets.

Remember – the more active you are, the more visible you are. Start taking action today and don’t miss out on your chance.


For Lawyers and Law Firms we have additionally provided:

  • Loyalty program.
  • Forms of promotion, in accordance with the ethics of the profession in your country (Sample guidelines we follow for the United States: see more).
  • Publications with increased reach on social media belonging to our group or our partners.




Disclaimer: The rankings we conduct are independent of the above offer.